A long time ago in the almighty land of Mianite Lived a man by the name of Brandr Thordgorld. He was son of a blacksmith and lived in the hill lands of Tomsgold. Growing up the young Brandr learnt to forge using his fathers tools and gear.

Story of Youth and ManhoodEdit

During Brandr's young years he began forging his own weapons and going on long adventures without the comfort of his father. During many of these long expeditions he encountered many dangerous animals which he had to learn to defeat. After the years of punishment (when the god of Mianite punished the civilians for their lack of trading) Brandr was left stripped of his house. Being forced out by the gods made him angry and mutinous against the gods. Using his fathers trait of the forge he set out with his own sword and armour. The new gear he had made was cursed with the words of revenge. Traveling far and wide trying to seek out Mianite to make him pay for his deeds. And then one day, at last, he found the god Dianite. In his meeting with Dianite he was gifted the Lava of Revenge. With this he had the power to bring down Mianite. Upon leaving, he was struck down and fell into a ravine. Waking up, he saw Mianite hovering there next to him. Mianite spoke to him saying "Peace youngling for I see that you have much anger. I did what I must in the name of Trianite. As repentance Trianite gave me this sword for you to wield and help us fight against the undead god, Zianite.

The War Of The Gods And The DeadEdit

Having traveled with Mianite he joined forces and took control of the army and led them into the battle against the terrible foe. With the new sword gifted to him from Trianite, Brandr defeated 1,000 zombies and the god Zianite himself. However, in the last battle, the gods fled and Zianite struck a blow that took his life. With carnage around him he realized his fate. One of a hero that got rid of an evil that had haunted the land from the beginning of time. With his last breath he said "Come worthy one and claim my sword, the sword of the mighty hero Thordgorld." With that he laid the sword upon the throne of Zianite and died. Legend has it that the sword still lies there and is waiting until a worthy person wields it once again.