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Hello there, take a seat on this new adventure in the world of Mianite where Syndicate is to roam the land and plunder its riches.He's not on his own as he is joined by fellow Mianite'es on his adventures!There is no aim, no goal, no end game.. except to enjoy the Universe of Minecraft & to share the fun adventures in the land of Mianite!Help Syndicate on his journey in this new world to improve his bases, devise his plans & most of all take down his enemies!Be the history by crafting the lore of Mianites by learning from the world and making sure the history of the world is en-scripted for all to see.We've currently had 4,812 edits so far to the wiki, have 177 pages on the wiki and have 1 users currently helping to shape the Wiki!

Please be aware that this wiki is a backup/test, incase one or more of the Wiki pages become corrupted.


Members of the Mianite World!

It's a fun new server for Tom and his friends to play on whenever they like!


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