King Helgrind
King Helgrind


King Helgrind is the king of Dagrun, a port town in Ruxomar that once worshipped Ianite but has conformed to Mianite. King Helgrind was married and had two children, but his wife and daughter died leaving him with his son, Prince Andor. King Helgrind was not present when CaptainSparklez, Syndicate, Jericho, Firefoxx, and Tony arrived in Ruxomar, but he does show himself eventually. He is also the son of Ianite and "Spark", a Ruxomar edition of CaptainSparklez.


King Helgrind was seen at first by the Mianites and Sparklez as a sort of stereotypical King; encouraging of taxes, making subjects do everything, and taking what he thought necessary to have. Syndicate discovered the King was not as good as the god he worshipped when the King stole his ring and banished him from Dagrund.