Ianita Edit Edit

Ianita is the mini-me and "child" of Ianite. She was given to Ianite by CaptainSparklez after he gave her a golden egg.  

Description Edit Edit

A Mini-Me is a miniature version of whichever player sets down the Golden Egg block, crafted by surrounding an Egg with 8 Gold Ingots. The Mini-Me will proceed to pick up the the player and carry them as a mount. When not riding the Mini-Me, it will walk around picking up flowers, and exploring the world. 

Origin Edit Edit

CaptainSparklez was pressured by his Twitch Stream chat to present the goddess of balance with a gift after he received the Drop of Luck, and having his sword rebuffed by the goddess herself. Many of the Streams fans urged him to initiate a romance with the goddess, even after she claimed she would never abandon her husband,Spark.   

Speech Patterns Edit Edit

Ianita refered to Ianite as "mommy" when speaking to her.  

Ianita talked rarely, including calling him CaptainSparkelz "Speriools," as an attempt to say his name. She also called him "Beeeeg bwethah," even though he considers himself a step dad-ish type figure.

Ianita's Kidnapping and Rescue Edit Edit

Ianita was abducted by Tom during Episode 84 of Jordan's stream. He demanded Jordan play TNT roulette, or else he would kill her. Before the game was completed, however, Tom dropped the lasso she was imprisoned in and a creeper destroyed her. Luckily, she was returned to Jordan a minute later, with the message, "The children of gods are not so easily destroyed." and Tom was slaughtered several times in rapid succession.

The Rise of the Ianitas Edit Edit

As Ianite grew weaker, her essence started unraveling. As a result, numerous Ianitas began to appear as Ianite slowly grew weaker. They soon inundated the initial Ianita room in Sparkelz's tower and the Dank Weed Room. A daycare was eventually constructed to contain them. 

The Death of the Ianitas Edit Edit

At the request of Mianite, Jordan brought all of the Ianitas to Mianite's Farm in an attempt to revive Lady Ianite. Jericho then killed them all in the hope of recovering Ianite's essence. However, Sparklez and Martha worked together to save the original Ianita from being discovered and murdered. The murders were revealed in vain, as according to Deviser Gaines 'it wasn't enough' to revive Ianite. One Ianita survived due to Sparkles fooling Tucker with a Ianita look alike. The last Ianita was in Martha's care.

The Final Death? Edit Edit

When Martha was asked about the last Ianita on her offical tumblr she admitted she wasn't sure if had saved the last Ianita from the end of the wor