Gender Male
Status Alive
First Appearance Season One
Domain(s) The Priest Castle
Title(s) Dec, The Priest, #BlamDec
Enemies Season One Dianite

Season Two World Historians

Priest Declan "Dec" Pitts, better know by his aliases 16bitDec,CommunityMC, or simply The Priest, is one of the inhabitants and the priest of the god Mianite in the world of Mianite. . Declan spends time in the World of Mianite by controlling the gods, the story, and commands. He appears in season 2, but has no knowledge of the Mianitees. He knows about the gods though, and has helped the players through the Village. He also told the heroes about the first season 2 purge. After his vacation he logged on to Mianite to find out that Tom took up residence and stole some wood and his Ender sword. So as a gift and apology Tom gave Dec an angel ring and a admantite cleaver.