Dianite he is one of the 3 gods in mianite he is the one that is VERY evil.He traped his own sister Ianite into a void like prison one of his followers Syndicate failed to kill sparklez and destroyed the weapon he Gave to syndicate.Later Pirates the captain captain capsize was killed or trapped with Lady_ianite Lady ianite says I hear her weeping or crying.after that happened whenthey try to save lady ianite from dianite Dianite appeared and He challanged them to kill him when they tried and destroyed the things that was healing them he was no longer healed at low HP he aws shot by syndicate his own follower Then Syndicate was no Dianite V2 (Dianite V2>ITS ME IM DAINITE* after they saved Ianite she tries to bring captaincapsize but she got turned to a zombie....They have to kill her but her brother stayed in the void or some what flaoring island with his dead sister.When they jumped after wasting a 100 stacked diamond sword and a 16 min invis pot and the brother of capsized said ur not gonna die *NUUUUUU U couldve said that earlier* they jumped and never was to be seen again *TEN YEARS LATER AND FEW EPISODES*i am ianite but not your ianite*(BUTevrything was messed up Dianite was a spirite and WAs GOOD mianite was bad)