Season 1 Edit Edit

One of the pirates of Ianarea. Had a relationship with Jordanuntil she died by the hands of Furia in Dianite's Temple. She later came back in the Season One Finale when she was killed by her brother as she was not herself. By "not herself" it is meant that she turned into a zombie that would attack everyone in sight with an enchanted diamond sword. Rip in pieces, we will all remember how she reacted when Jordanshowed her his (enchanted fishing) rod.

Season 2 Edit Edit

Upon being reunited with Lady Ianite (Albeit the alternate worldone), Jordan had asked her if she remembered anything of a Captain Capsize to which Ianite sadly declined.

Jordan briefly mentions her by saying, "YARRRRR, Captain Capsize... Yar, she will be missed. Fro...From another life." CaptainSparklez brought her up because Intuition was informing him how to private message people faster on the chat log and he replied that he prefered the /r method better.She also has a brief mention in CaptainSparklez 98 episode of Mianite season 2 that Mot was messing around with things,trying to get dianite to be a human and accidentally did something to summon Capsize back to life.This was brought to Jordan's attention when Martha said something about another Captain coming to life.

Other Information Edit Edit

In Season 1, it can be seen that she adores pufferfish.

likes speed boats.